You can see the other side only by chance.
Servants of The Forest is an exhibition of ten paintings. It is based on folklore and old myths from the lake Pielinen area in East-Finland. The primeval forest is foreign and unreachable to humans. It is the other side. The power of the forest can not be controlled or understood. The Servants of The Forest tries to show us glimpses of the heart of the forest, the other, the sanctity of nature. In the paintings that are printed on wood the servants of the forest, the blue maidens, don't notice the observer.
The paintings create an unique atmosphere to the viewer. A nude woman is common imagery in fine arts, but not in this way. The servants of the forest don't know that they are being watched. The power of the forest poses for no one.
Take a peek at the other side.
In this gallery are the original paintings and the paintings printed on wood presented at the exhibition. You can buy the wood prints from here:
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