I have worked on an environmental art comic about the Koli region in East-Finland on and off for three years. The work name is Mustarinta, Black Chest, which was the old name of the Koli mountain hundreds of years ago.

The project is about experiencing a place or a scenery through a story. I collect stories from the area and paint them outside in the places where they have happened. Maps to the locations are included in the book, so the reader can go to the actual site of the events, read the story and experience the place through the story. I put much effort into depicting the surroundings in a very regocnizable way. Working on site at the correct time of the year is very important.
So far I have collected 50 stories connected to the area with interviews, story collecting campaigns, researching folklore archives and hiking in the area. These stories I have transformed to a 200 page illustrated script. Currently I am trying to find funding to actually draw and paint the book, which will take around a year. I am hoping to publish the book in the fall 2018.
Here is a sample story from my future book Mustarinta. It is in Finnish but has english subtitles below the pages. The story is from the Devil's Church, which is a cave near Koli mountain.
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