Inside The Wood is a small graphic novel about how the sculptor Eva Ryynänen created her art made for her museum Paateri in East-Finland. I created the book from idea to a finished product sold at the museum handling research, script, book design, drawing, painting, layout and printing the book.To create this comic I visited Eva Ryynänen's studio and home, now functioning as a museum, went to see a lot of her work, interviewed people who had known her and researched a lot of material about her. The leading academic expert on the sculptor Sirpa Sulopuisto was an invaluable help in checking the script and without Reino Kuivalainen getting the project funded this would have never happened.
Here is an excerpt from the book describing Eva Ryynänen and her husband Paavo Ryynänen skiing in a forest searching for the perfect tree to make the next wooden sculpture from.
- This is the one.
- Are you sure? - Yes I am.
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